Master Nolan and Beth are Back!

Protecting his own

Protecting his Own is book number 11 in the Masters of the Shadowlands series. My, how time does fly. It seems just yesterday that Jessica’s car was in that ditch and Master Z was showing her around the club. Or Master Dan was teaching Kari an invaluable lesson about loving her own body. Or one of my favorites, when Master Raoul was slowly bringing Kim back from the depths of hell after being tortured by a human trafficker by showing her what a loving Master was like. Now, we circle back to my very favorite couple in the series, Master Nolan and Beth. For those of you that don’t remember, Beth had come out of an abusive marriage with a man who used BDSM as an excuse to abuse and torture her. She was on the run from him when Z paired her up with Nolan. Nolan patiently but firmly brought Beth back to the joys of submission, only to have them part when he found out she was still married. But when she was found by her abusive husband and taken away to be abused again, Nolan raced to save her. You can find the book at Amazon. Com

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It’s now three years later, and we find Nolan coming home after a summer away from his Beth on a construction job in another country. But it seems his rabbit has lied to him when she says she’s been fine. Beth has not been doing well for many reasons, and as we all know, you don’t hide these things from your Master.

As Nolan gets to the heart of things, a couple of boys from the shelter they help with have run into trouble. With a drug-addicted mother and an abusive boyfriend, the boys come to stay with Beth and Nolan. But as usual, life throws some curveballs in our couple’s way. And this is where we see our Shadowlands family at their best.

This was a bit different than the other books in that while the hot and steamy BDSM scenes we know and love were certainly there, this was a much more child-centric emotional read. The Masters and the shadowkittens (just love that word) are starting to settle down into families. We see a few new characters, and it looks like maybe Uzuri may have met her match…or two? But I must say I miss the early days when everyone was just getting together. Still, an incredible read as always from Cherise.

4 and ½ Big O’s



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Foster Cruise is Here! (Finally)


Wanted: A Monster Billionaire Romance is the first book in a new series by authors, Normandie Alleman and Jani Kay. I have to say, this one, as I like to say, hits it out of the park! (Proud member of Red Sox Nation doncha know.)

Foster Cruise has just spent the past five years in prison for a crime he hasn’t committed. His boss, Arnie, set him up in a massive Ponzi scheme to bilk families out of their life savings while lining his own pockets. Foster decides to move to the other side of the country and start his life over, but he doesn’t count on one little hiccup following him…

Addison James. Her grandfather is one of those affected by Foster’s boss, but she’s convinced Foster was in on it, and she’s determined to see him pay. She decides she’s going to mount a campaign of seduction against the man to get evidence against him, which she hopes will place him back in prison. Where he belongs.

But along the way, things don’t always go as planned. And with a quirky new friend in the mix, Addison finds that maybe Foster isn’t quite what she expected. But what happens when the truth is all laid bare? You’ll have to pick up a copy and find out for yourself!

This was a blast to read and I loved Foster’s Alpha, dominant, scenes in the bedroom, (and shower, and kitchen, ect..) This was definitely one of those books I kept on reading right through, and at time I just wanted to shake Addison and tell her to “Wake up!” But this is definitely one for the keeper pile, and I can’t wait until the next book, Relationship Goals: A Monster Billionaire Romance comes out about Foster’s soccer buddy, Benedict Morgan.

A screaming 5 Orgasm Book!

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Tymber does it again with Switchy!



Suncoast Society

Tymber Dalton


Drumroll please…Switchy, Suncoast Society book number 34 is finally available. Like a junkies waiting for our fixes, our next hit of Tymber’s Venture family hits the shelves. I for one ate it up, looking forward to coming home again to my kinky family. Along with our usual cast of characters Tony, Shayla, The Nicks, Chelbie, and our beloved Tilly, (who so doesn’t look good in prison orange!) We add a new triad to the group.

Garrison Porter and Jarred Ilson have just inherited the home that Jarred’s grandfather left to him. It needs some serious work, along with some even more serious cleaning out. That’s where neighbor, Merylicia Woodland, or Em for short, comes in. She’s a manager at an estate sale company. Unfortunately, she meets her hunky new neighbors when her mother calls the police on them. Em goes to apologize for her mother’s actions and finds herself attracted to her nice new neighbors but figures they are involved with each other, so she doesn’t have a chance.  But as Em starts to hang out with them, she realizes that the attraction isn’t just one-sided, and that they want to serve her, be her knights to her Lady. And as she meets their friends from the Suncoast society, Em slowly starts to understand    What it is the men want from her and for her. And their friends couldn’t be happier. The men have been in mourning since their Domme and wife died a year earlier. So Em decides to try the role on, having Tilly show her a few things   (Always love seeing Til in action.) But alas life doesn’t go smoothly, Em’s mother just can’t let her be, and becomes a regular problem throughout the story. And we see that sometimes, a Lady needs her knights to rescue her and be the ones to take the reins.

I loved this book, got lost in it. I’ll be the first to admit my favorite books are where the dynamic is where the woman is the submissive and the man is the dominant. Probably because, hey, submissive here. But Tymber writes such a wonderful story that it doesn’t matter what roles everyone takes on, I’m just happy to be back with my Suncoast family again. And that’s what it feels like. Every. Time. Her writing invites you in so that you are genuinely thrilled to see old friends like Tilly and Tony back again, and excited to meet new friends and learn just how they fit into this kinky, wonderful family. But that’s Tymber, she’s just as warm and wonderful as the characters she writes, and I for one hope the Suncoast family continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Seriously, I just want to hop the next plane down to Florida and find Loren and Ross, maybe hit that munch. Ahh one can dream can’t they?

This is most definitely a 5 Orgasm Book.

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Step back Sunday Visits J.T. Cheyanne!


This is an earlier release from JT and as I’ve mentioned before I usually don’t read m/m romance. It takes very special authors for me to do so, and J.T Cheyanne is one of those authors. I also recommend books by J.T.’s writing partner V.L  Moon. So step back with me and enjoy a review from the past, but still an awesome book to add to your collection in the present.

Spencer Hightower is a pitcher for the Pawtucket Red Sox, a Minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. His dream is to make it into the Big Show, the Majors. He is the only openly gay player on the team and is supported for the most part by all of his teammates.

Brock Kincaid is a CPA and has hated baseball ever since he was a kid. His father coached a team and had him on a team every year until an injury forced him out. But his beloved niece and nephew, Corey and Anna Kate have tickets to the Paw Sox game and beg him to take them, and he just can’t say no. And when Corey catches Spencer’s Home run record winning ball and gets to meet Spencer to have it signed, that’s when the sparks ignite!

Spencer and Brock get together when Corey and Anna Kate engineer dinner at their mother’s house, and then Anna, all of 4 let’s the beans spill that Brock “Like’s boys.” And that Brock does indeed “Like Spencer.” And they decide to go out from there. But just when everything is looking good for them, forces start to collide to try to break the couple up! Does love triumph after all? You’ll just have to buy the book to find out! And I suggest you do!

This is an awesome debut read from J T Cheyanne that “Hits it out of the ballpark!” Yup, I said it, it was a great book, and I read it all in one go

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3 More Days Until Foster!


FOSTER CRUISE IS COMING! And so will a lot of readers I’ll bet. The long awaited release from writers Normandie Alleman and Jani Kay hits bookshelves and E-Retailers May 31st. Here’s what the uproar is all about…



I spent the last five years locked in a cage for a crime I didn’t commit. 

Crucified by the press and social media. Hated by all.

But now that I’m a free man, I’m determined to prove I’m not the evil mastermind everyone thinks I am.

I just need someone to believe in me.

Someone like Addison James…


Foster Cruise is sexy as hell and worth billions. But he destroyed my family.

He may have gone to prison, but he hasn’t paid nearly enough for what I’ve lost.

He has no idea who I am, but I’m determined to prove what the law failed to—and put him back behind bars where he belongs.

I’ll offer him my body and sell my soul to that handsome-as-hell devil to make things right.

Trouble is, I’m afraid he’s already stolen my heart. 

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New Stacey Kennedy Series Coming Soon!


Real estate mogul Micah Holt exerts absolute control over all aspects of his life. As a founding member of the Dominants Council that oversees San Francisco’s sex club scene, he keeps his dark side hidden away from the press, who will chase down any hint of scandal. He’s always in command of his world, careful to expose his closely guarded secrets only to those he knows he can trust. Then Allie Bennett shakes his legendary discipline. She’s beautiful, pure, untainted. But is Micah willing to sacrifice her innocence for his own selfish obsessions?


When that sexy smile makes her body burn, Allie tries with all her might to ignore it. For one thing, Micah’s her new boss. For another, he’s as complicated as he is devastatingly handsome. Still, Allie can only fight so much before she gives in to his dangerous games. She knows he’s got dark secrets. But when she discovers the true depth of his pain, Allie must decide how far she’s willing to go to light the way for love.


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Coming On May 30th!




Em Woodland’s parents moved in with her three years ago, and it wasn’t her idea. Her mother’s meddling has killed Em’s love life. After her busybody mom calls the cops on the two new guys next door, Em has apologies to make.

Jarred and Garrison are thirteen months into grieving the death of their love and Owner, Janis. Then Jarred inherits his uncle’s house next door to single cutie, Em. They’re willing to overlook her mom’s antics for the welcome distraction Em brings to their life. As the three grow close, the men admit their desired dynamic to independent Em.

She’s willing to try it. Two hot and sexy Alpha hunks at her beck and call? Yes, please!

But family drama and deadly close calls take Em over the edge and leave her unable to care for herself. Can she let go and let her two switchy men take the reins and prove to her that they want her for life?

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Kera Faire Hits it Out of the Park!

The Dispatcher


The Dispatcher

Death Isle 1

Kera Faire


Orlando Darke, or Darke as he was called, or simply known as The Dispatcher, call him what you will, he was a contract killer for his boss Crabtree. He did so without remorse, but then he gets handed an assignment for a Fiona Jane Michaels, suspected traitor. His boss wants her brought to him for a face to face meeting for questioning, but Darke finds it all rather Fishy.


Fiona, a.k.a. Astrid Mickelson knew she was being watched, and finding Darke in her shop after not seeing him for almost five years, she finds out it’s not just him. Just who is stalking Fiona? Can her old love protect her? Or will they both wind up in danger. I’ll tell you this…you’ll never look at pigs the same way again.

This is an incredibly well written first book in a new series. I stayed up all night reading it with a cup of coffee and ready to put clamps on my eyelids to keep them open. (And most of you know we do not put them on eyelids, we put them further down south…right?) Kera Faire is the pen name of Raven McAllan, and those of us who have become rabid fans of her work snapped this up like a subbie in need of a good flogging.


This series is a departure from her usual faire, hense the name. But damn, is it good, so very, very good. And if I were to have to come up with anything to complain about it would be to say that it was too short. I could have read so much more. And you know when you find yourself wanting to snuggle up and do the deed with Darke, that you have yourself a hit on your hands.  (Sighing dramatically) I guess I’ll just have to keep re-reading this until the next book in the series comes out. Way to go Kera!

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5 screaming Orgasms all the way!



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A wonderful New Spin-off


Careless Whispers is a standalone series, however, it is a spin-off from the Inside out series. This is the story of Ella, the best friend of Sara from the latter series, and Kaden.

Ella wakes in a hospital in Rome, Italy with a killer headache and a gorgeous hunk of a man at her bedside. He informs her that he found her passed out in an alleyway. Ella finds that she can’t remember…anything. That includes her name, and how she ended up in the alley in the first place.

A detective comes to question her, and the hostility between him and Kaden only serves to add more questions. When Kaden informs her that she needs to remember who she is because she’s on the run from a gangster, she finally remembers her name. Ella. As bits and pieces add up and she remembers small flashbacks, she starts to question if she’s safe with Kaden, and when she is supposed to meet up with him, she runs.


Denial just gets better from there, as Ella begins to regain her memory a piece at a time, questions are answered, but more are brought up. Her rescuer becomes someone we can’t be quite sure that we understand what his motives are, and the cliffhanger at the end of the book leaves us breathless anticipating the next chapter in Ella and Kaden’s story.


I loved this book, and having been in love with the whole Inside Out series, I was just as thrilled with this spin off as well. I can’t wait for Demand.

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Definitely a 5 Orgasm book!


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Worth The Wait!


This is the full length novel that follows the prequel book First Night which was about Olivia and Gavin. We begin months after Olivia and Gavin have parted after their wonderful week in Los Angeles. (Was I the only one yelling out NOOOOOOOO! At the end of First Night?  If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so now!)

Olivia is stood up by Brandon, her ex, a famous A-list actor who dumped her by text message when his career takes off and pretty much ruins hers. Olivia and Gavin’s mutual friend, Charlene calls Gavin in to give Olivia much needed support, but Gavin has another agenda. He needs her to save Club Volare New Orleans.


And thus starts Gavin and Olivia’s “fake” relationship. . Gavin wants Olivia as his submissive, only with no-strings-attached due to his promise he made to himself ten years ago. Olivia wants to know just what happened to Gavin all those years ago, because it’s part of the reason some of the locals want the club gone. Olivia is a born caretaker and will do anything to But will it be enough? And can Gavin overcome his past?

There are lots of conflicts to overcome here in Free and Bound, but you can’t help but root for Olivia and Gavin every step of the way in this book. Chloe has a way of drawing you in to the story so you feel like you are part of the family, and you want nothing more than for Gavin and Olivia to get their happy ever after.


The secondary characters are great too. And I must say I’m looking forward to Luke and Charlene’s story as well as Holt and Simone’s. And there are still a few other characters that are worthy of  their own books as well. This book was a joy to read and I am so glad that Chloe is back writing about Club Volare again. Makes me wish that there were a Club Volare here in Boston…Mmmm sign me up.

5 Screaming Orgasms

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