I Want Master Roan!

Pleasure Point 

Invitation to Eden book 16

Eden Bradley
 Although this is an older book of Eden’s, it’s one of my favorites. I love the Invitation to Eden series and I wish there were still books being written. But have no fear, I’ll be reviewing lots more of Eden’s books. 
Eden has done it again. The third book in the San Francisco Dom series takes us to Eden, that island we all wish we could have a trip to. And Eden Bradley has made this trip a memorable one! This time, we meet Miranda. She receives that vellum invite from her boss, none other than the elusive Master of the island Mr Vardalos himself. Miranda is the head baker of the kitchen on the island and she gets her invite with orders to report to Club Sin, the dungeon.
Miranda hasn’t played for 5 years since her husband died and is missing it. She reports to the dungeon and runs into the only other person there. Tall, dark, and oh so handsome Roan, an Englishman who just happens to be the Dom of her dreams. After sitting and talking with him, she freaks out and runs back to her apartment, but Roan hunts her down. After they have another discussion, they decide to give it a try and in true Eden Bradley fashion, what follows is a hot, panty drenching story about 2 souls returning from loss to find each other and along the way, love. I devoured this book all in one sitting and I highly recommend adding this one to your keeper pile!

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