Incredible Book, Incredible Author!


The Enforcer (Stargazer Series Book2)
Rena Marks
Judge Felicia Ruge is kidnapped when it is discovered she is a spy for the Stargazers, a group of human-like aliens sharing the earth and breeding with earthlings so their race would not die out. To rescue the judge, the Protection Task Force is called in, and one of it’s memberes, Diamond, just happens to be the male who wants Felicia for his mate.

After her capture, Diamond has to convince Felicia that she is his mate, as much as she tries to resist him, she is unable to say no. But at work, they have to keep up appearances and be relative strangers. Meanwhile, the group that abducted Felicia aren’t quite done yet, keeping Felicia and Diamond’s task force busy.

This was a great read and one of those books that when you start reading, you just can’t put it down. Rena is a fantastic writer and I can’t wait until another book comes out in the series

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