Incredible New Series From Doris O’Connor

Doris O’Connor is best known for her hot, romantic, HEA’s with a nice dose of kink thrown in. This is not one of those books. Yes, the very hot, and very kinky drool-worthy Dom/sub dynamic is here, have no fear. But this is a much darker departure from Doris’s usual books.
Susie is in the wrong place, wrong time as she stumbles out the door and out into the middle of Ren’s job. He’s there to kill a woman who has stolen from Ren’s boss, who just happens be London’s foremost crime lord. Before she can be a victim herself to the goons with the working girl, she watches as Ren quickly dispatches with them. She begs him not to kill her, and as he crowds her up against the door, getting turned on and realizing he’s turned on, he says…”Relax Pumpkin, if I wanted you dead you’d be toast already.

And so begins a story that I never put down as soon as I started it. And all I wanted to do is hate Ren and all of his co-horts, but then he’d go and melt my panties right off and you could’nt help but get excited at knowing this was just book one.

Make no mistake…Ren is a bad ass assassin, but the story between him and Susie is a rollercoaster ride of hot and cold with all of the wonderful kink we’ve come to know and love from Doris O’Connor. Sometimes it’s hard to find redeeming qualities in the guys. They can come across as pretty heartless at times. And then…whew! I wanted in that cleaner house myself.

Bravo Doris! I’m waiting with baited breath for Ty’s book and the others sound simply too good to pass up!

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