It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Finula Baine, or Finn as she likes to be called, works on the grounds of Diomhair Castle. Her direct boss is wife is out of town. On a day that’s cold, rainy, and hailing down, Finn is out investigating missing sheep when she’s hit on the head. When she comes to, she finds herself tied to Coll Cummins bed. He’s tall, dark, and handsome…and oh yeah, a Dom. Coll rescues Finn after he gets a call from her attacker warning him that the “wee Glasgow kiss” will be minor if she doesn’t butt out. He ties her to the bed for her protection.
The rest of the story follows along as Coll protects Finn while letting her know he wants her for his sub. But Finn takes her time, and we watch as the two humorously interact while Finn decides if she wants to be the submissive she’s only read about in her books while her, Coll, and a cast of familiar Diomhair characters try to find out why she’s being targeted and the sheep are disappearing.

This was an excellent read by Raven, and if I could give it more than five stars I would. This is one of those “start to finish” books you just can’t put down. I can only hope that the series keeps going on and on.

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