Simply Incredible New Series!

At last, the long awaited first book in the Sons of Sydney series has arrived, and it was so worth the wait! Craving Justice is about the youngest and first of four Aussie brothers, Seth Justice. Seth is just about to sell his multi-million dollar business to realize the culmination of his dreams and pay back his brothers their initial investments, plus interest, when the daughter of the buyer falls into his arms. Literally.

Harper Fox meets Seth during a cocktail party that her father is throwing. She trips and Seth quickly runs to catch her. The attraction between the two of them is instant. But Seth witnesses her father’s cold and dismissive treatment towards her. Seth and Harper spend an incredible night together, but soon after, a social media attack against Seth hits his brothers and even Harper. As the attacks begin to escalate, questions arise as to whether Harper may be playing a part. Will their relationship last? And who is out to ruin Seth? Grab a copy and find out!

I absolutely LOVED this book and couldn’t stand to put it down. I adored Seth and his alpha maleness with a side of humor and tenderness for Harper. (Can anybody say swoon? *sighs and fans self* ) And the brothers? Oh. Yum! I simply cannot wait for their books, especially Adam’s. I must say the who in the whodunit surprised me in the end, even if I did have my suspicions. This is one for the “Keep-and-reread” pile.


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