Very Hot, Very Intense, Manlove.

Dark Capture- Manlove Edition

Let me start off by saying that this book is a departure from my usual faire of books that I indulge in. I’m pretty much your male/female kinda gal, though I do enjoy male/male/female books depending on who is writing them. (i.e Tymber Dalten, Doris O’Connor ect.) So, it was because Doris had a story in this anthology that I grabbed a copy from her and took a bite. I wasn’t disappointed.

Her story, Ransomed, A contract-for hire named Perry is given an assignment to kidnap Danvers O’Flynn, the golden boy senators son. But when he finds the engaged, soon-to-be-married man in a back alley in Soho, London giving blow jobs to undeserving men, he figures out pretty quickly Danny-boy isn’t what he thought he was. After a hot interlude between the two, Perry knocks him out and takes him home, where he ties him to his bed. There he decides to engage in some very hot D/s play while waiting to see if Danny’s father and future father-in-law paw the ransom. The story takes some surprising and not so surprising twists and turns from there, but I really enjoyed it.

So much so, I decided to venture forth in the book and found I also liked Runner by Kai Tyler, Collecting His Debt by Angelique Voisen and Taken by Michelle Graham. The other authors, James Cox, Pelaam, Lea Bronsen, and L.J. Longo wrote equally juicy tales as well. They all did a rather great job at portraying the dark theme of the book and I can’t wait to read it’s male/female counterpart. But for those of you who enjoy a little darkness with your man loving. Dark Captive is it!

4 and a ½ Orgasms for the book, but a big ole 5 Orgasm shout out for Doris O’Connor’s Ransomed!






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