Kera Faire Hits it Out of the Park!

The Dispatcher


The Dispatcher

Death Isle 1

Kera Faire


Orlando Darke, or Darke as he was called, or simply known as The Dispatcher, call him what you will, he was a contract killer for his boss Crabtree. He did so without remorse, but then he gets handed an assignment for a Fiona Jane Michaels, suspected traitor. His boss wants her brought to him for a face to face meeting for questioning, but Darke finds it all rather Fishy.


Fiona, a.k.a. Astrid Mickelson knew she was being watched, and finding Darke in her shop after not seeing him for almost five years, she finds out it’s not just him. Just who is stalking Fiona? Can her old love protect her? Or will they both wind up in danger. I’ll tell you this…you’ll never look at pigs the same way again.

This is an incredibly well written first book in a new series. I stayed up all night reading it with a cup of coffee and ready to put clamps on my eyelids to keep them open. (And most of you know we do not put them on eyelids, we put them further down south…right?) Kera Faire is the pen name of Raven McAllan, and those of us who have become rabid fans of her work snapped this up like a subbie in need of a good flogging.


This series is a departure from her usual faire, hense the name. But damn, is it good, so very, very good. And if I were to have to come up with anything to complain about it would be to say that it was too short. I could have read so much more. And you know when you find yourself wanting to snuggle up and do the deed with Darke, that you have yourself a hit on your hands.  (Sighing dramatically) I guess I’ll just have to keep re-reading this until the next book in the series comes out. Way to go Kera!

Buy The Dispatcher: Death Isle 1 Here!

5 screaming Orgasms all the way!



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