Step back Sunday Visits J.T. Cheyanne!


This is an earlier release from JT and as I’ve mentioned before I usually don’t read m/m romance. It takes very special authors for me to do so, and J.T Cheyanne is one of those authors. I also recommend books by J.T.’s writing partner V.L  Moon. So step back with me and enjoy a review from the past, but still an awesome book to add to your collection in the present.

Spencer Hightower is a pitcher for the Pawtucket Red Sox, a Minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. His dream is to make it into the Big Show, the Majors. He is the only openly gay player on the team and is supported for the most part by all of his teammates.

Brock Kincaid is a CPA and has hated baseball ever since he was a kid. His father coached a team and had him on a team every year until an injury forced him out. But his beloved niece and nephew, Corey and Anna Kate have tickets to the Paw Sox game and beg him to take them, and he just can’t say no. And when Corey catches Spencer’s Home run record winning ball and gets to meet Spencer to have it signed, that’s when the sparks ignite!

Spencer and Brock get together when Corey and Anna Kate engineer dinner at their mother’s house, and then Anna, all of 4 let’s the beans spill that Brock “Like’s boys.” And that Brock does indeed “Like Spencer.” And they decide to go out from there. But just when everything is looking good for them, forces start to collide to try to break the couple up! Does love triumph after all? You’ll just have to buy the book to find out! And I suggest you do!

This is an awesome debut read from J T Cheyanne that “Hits it out of the ballpark!” Yup, I said it, it was a great book, and I read it all in one go

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