Tymber does it again with Switchy!



Suncoast Society

Tymber Dalton


Drumroll please…Switchy, Suncoast Society book number 34 is finally available. Like a junkies waiting for our fixes, our next hit of Tymber’s Venture family hits the shelves. I for one ate it up, looking forward to coming home again to my kinky family. Along with our usual cast of characters Tony, Shayla, The Nicks, Chelbie, and our beloved Tilly, (who so doesn’t look good in prison orange!) We add a new triad to the group.

Garrison Porter and Jarred Ilson have just inherited the home that Jarred’s grandfather left to him. It needs some serious work, along with some even more serious cleaning out. That’s where neighbor, Merylicia Woodland, or Em for short, comes in. She’s a manager at an estate sale company. Unfortunately, she meets her hunky new neighbors when her mother calls the police on them. Em goes to apologize for her mother’s actions and finds herself attracted to her nice new neighbors but figures they are involved with each other, so she doesn’t have a chance.  But as Em starts to hang out with them, she realizes that the attraction isn’t just one-sided, and that they want to serve her, be her knights to her Lady. And as she meets their friends from the Suncoast society, Em slowly starts to understand    What it is the men want from her and for her. And their friends couldn’t be happier. The men have been in mourning since their Domme and wife died a year earlier. So Em decides to try the role on, having Tilly show her a few things   (Always love seeing Til in action.) But alas life doesn’t go smoothly, Em’s mother just can’t let her be, and becomes a regular problem throughout the story. And we see that sometimes, a Lady needs her knights to rescue her and be the ones to take the reins.

I loved this book, got lost in it. I’ll be the first to admit my favorite books are where the dynamic is where the woman is the submissive and the man is the dominant. Probably because, hey, submissive here. But Tymber writes such a wonderful story that it doesn’t matter what roles everyone takes on, I’m just happy to be back with my Suncoast family again. And that’s what it feels like. Every. Time. Her writing invites you in so that you are genuinely thrilled to see old friends like Tilly and Tony back again, and excited to meet new friends and learn just how they fit into this kinky, wonderful family. But that’s Tymber, she’s just as warm and wonderful as the characters she writes, and I for one hope the Suncoast family continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Seriously, I just want to hop the next plane down to Florida and find Loren and Ross, maybe hit that munch. Ahh one can dream can’t they?

This is most definitely a 5 Orgasm Book.

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