Master Nolan and Beth are Back!

Protecting his own

Protecting his Own is book number 11 in the Masters of the Shadowlands series. My, how time does fly. It seems just yesterday that Jessica’s car was in that ditch and Master Z was showing her around the club. Or Master Dan was teaching Kari an invaluable lesson about loving her own body. Or one of my favorites, when Master Raoul was slowly bringing Kim back from the depths of hell after being tortured by a human trafficker by showing her what a loving Master was like. Now, we circle back to my very favorite couple in the series, Master Nolan and Beth. For those of you that don’t remember, Beth had come out of an abusive marriage with a man who used BDSM as an excuse to abuse and torture her. She was on the run from him when Z paired her up with Nolan. Nolan patiently but firmly brought Beth back to the joys of submission, only to have them part when he found out she was still married. But when she was found by her abusive husband and taken away to be abused again, Nolan raced to save her. You can find the book at Amazon. Com

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It’s now three years later, and we find Nolan coming home after a summer away from his Beth on a construction job in another country. But it seems his rabbit has lied to him when she says she’s been fine. Beth has not been doing well for many reasons, and as we all know, you don’t hide these things from your Master.

As Nolan gets to the heart of things, a couple of boys from the shelter they help with have run into trouble. With a drug-addicted mother and an abusive boyfriend, the boys come to stay with Beth and Nolan. But as usual, life throws some curveballs in our couple’s way. And this is where we see our Shadowlands family at their best.

This was a bit different than the other books in that while the hot and steamy BDSM scenes we know and love were certainly there, this was a much more child-centric emotional read. The Masters and the shadowkittens (just love that word) are starting to settle down into families. We see a few new characters, and it looks like maybe Uzuri may have met her match…or two? But I must say I miss the early days when everyone was just getting together. Still, an incredible read as always from Cherise.

4 and ½ Big O’s



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