No Imagining How Good This Is!



I just finished reading Her Imaginary Lover by Doris O’Connor, and I have to say it was a wonderful read. But not surprising, Doris’s books usually are for me. In this one, Macie is a blind woman who has had an imaginary friend since she was a child. She hasn’t seen Kaylom since she was 14 years old, but he used to be with her all of the time, until she sent him away. It isn’t until Macie gets into trouble that Kaylom comes back into her life, and when he does, they finally admit they have feelings for each other. But as always in life, those curve balls come at you. And it’s no different here.

Macie and Kaylom have some pretty big obstacles to overcome if they want to be together, and I found myself definitely rooting them on. Kaylom is invisible for a good part of the book, so aside from the fact that he’s a big, muscular guy. (And of course, just how we like them, Alpha to the core and Dominant.) We don’t know what he looks like until later, but I was happily surprised when he looked just like my type of book boyfriend.

Her Imaginary Lover is a quick, fun, sexy read and is most definitely a big, ole 5 Orgasm read!


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