Demand is a Mega Hit!



Demand is the second book in the Careless Whispers trilogy, and picks up where book one left off. Lucky for us, Lisa Renee Jones gives us a nice synopsis of what happened in the first book right at the beginning, just in case you need to catch up. For those of you who might have forgotten, Ella and Kayden were in the shower washing off Enzo’s blood. Ella had a gun trained on Kayden because she was afraid he may have known her prior to her attack.

The suspense starts right from the beginning of this book and doesn’t let you go. The mystery, the intrigue, wondering just who can you trust? Ms Jones keeps this going as more questions arise the more answers are revealed. And you have to wonder if there are traitors afoot in The Underground, and if maybe…just maybe, we can’t quite trust Kayden.

As always, Lisa Renee does a fantastic job seamlessly telling a story filled with all sorts of suspense tied in with highly erotic, panty wetting, sex scenes.And always, we have an Alpha, take charge, Dominant, hottie in Kayden that makes this a book that I just could not put down from start to finish! I can’t wait until the third installment, Surrender, comes out. Damn you cliffies!

See yesterdays post for all the yummy buy links.

A 5 Orgasm Book for sure!


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