Fairy Tales do Come True!


Beauty Submits to her Beast is the fourth book in the Once Upon a Dom series. I chose this book when I was looking through books to read for review purposes, and let me tell you, I’m so very glad I did. I’m so excited, I plan on going back and buying the first three books in the series straightaway and spending the weekend reading. Sydney St. Claire does a tremendous job in this book dealing with the PTSD that our hero, Damon Steele is experiencing after going through the horrors of war. As a family member and friend of several veterans, it did my heart proud to see how she had Caitlin deal with Damon.

Caitlin has had it rather rough in life. She has spent her childhood basically raising her two younger siblings and caring for her mother who had MS. Now she’s the owner of a horse ranch that rescues and rehabilitates abused and neglected horses.She also needs a break from being in charge and in control all of the time. So, off to Pleasure Manor she goes for a 3-day Fairy Tale themed weekend where she will play Belle to Damon’s Beast.

As I said…Loved it, Loved it, LOVED IT!!! It was extremely well written and the sex scenes were hotter than the equator without air conditioning. Damon was a very sexy, alpha Dom, who had demons to deal with, including both physical limitations and ptsd that made him feel not worthy of Caitlin. As always, there’s a HEA, but getting there takes some work, and that’s where Ms St.Claire truly shined in this book.

5 Big Orgasms!

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