Read Some Magic!


I was asked to review White Magic Woman by the author, now, this isn’t my usual book subject, but I dug in anyway. Boy, I’m glad I did! Todd is newly married to Simonia, and is madly in love with her. But when he comes home from one of his trips to St Lucia, he finds he’s not able to perform sexually.

Of course, Simonia thinks that something is up, and Todd ends up confessing about his nightly visits from a White Magic Woman, (Hence, the title). Of course, no woman will sit idlly by while another woman, sorceress or not, steals her man. So Simonia fights for man since Todd is helpless to do so.

This book was filled with love, magic, and adventure. And the best part? Well, grab yourself a copy and find out.

Buy White Magic Woman Here.




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