A Delicious Surrender


I’ve gone back into my archives of favorite books and pulled out Slow Surrender by the amazing Cecelia Tan. This is the first book in the Struck by Lightning series. Enjoy.
Karina works in a bar one night for a sick friend and meets the enigmatic “James”. He intrigues her as no other man does and he immediately sets her on a game where if she obeys his commands, she is rewarded. But she soon learns that if she doesn’t obey, or lies, she is punished, and in a most delicious way.

She embarks on a sensual journey with James, and soon starts to find out small details about this man with many secrets who likes to tie her up and test her limits. And soon they begin to fall for one another, but James doesn’t want all of his secrets exposed, an Karina just may find out what happens when she pushes him to reveal too much of himself. Meanwhile, she has to deal with sexual harassment from her art history thesis advisor.

I loved, loved Slow Surrender and am waiting on pins and needles for book two, Slow Seduction to come out. I was so bummed with the ending of the book, but I left that out so you dear reader would find out for yourself. This was another brilliant outing from Cecelia Tan and I was honored to be the one to review it! As usual, her characters are full of life and emotion, and so believable. Definitely a keeper!!!

Buy Slow Surrender Here!

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