Throwback Thursday with Fiona Archer: Double Draw is Double Awesome!


For this Throwback Thursday I’m picking one of my very favorite books from one of my very favorite authors, Fiona Archer. Her King”s Bluff, Wyoming series drew me in from the first book. It’s about a town in Wyoming that was won in a card game and is pretty much Australia in America. The town was founded by the ancestors of our first books hero Noah.

School teacher Chloe has come to King’s Bluff to start over, and she has a mighty big secret. She just wants to teach her students and hang out with her friends. But local ranchers, Noah King and Flynn Taylor have set their sights on her, and the two dominants always get what they want. .

But Chloe’s secret past tracks her to King’s Bluff. And as Noah and Flynn show Chloe what the BDSM and menage lifestyle is like with men who will love, care, and protect her, they all have to deal with the fallout.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book, nevermind the series. Fiona is an incredible storyteller and this is one of those books you put into your favorites pile. I’m seriously hoping that another book will come out in the series, but meanwhile, the Sons of Sydney series is also available and is another great read. Let’s face it. Anything Fiona puts out is a hit!!!

5 big, whopper, Orgasms!


Buy Chloe’s Double Draw Here!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fiona Archer says:

    Thanks for that fantastic review, Knotty Reviewer! I’m thrilled you’ve fallen in love with the gang in King’s Bluff. Never fear, Purdy, Caleb and Eli will also have their story. How could they not? 😉


    1. knotty girl says:

      Yay! That thrills me to no end Fiona. I’m looking forward to getting to know Eli as well as reading Purdy, Caleb an Eli’s story.


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