Piercing My Heart.


Hey Ladies, I have a problem. It’s called oneclickitis. It’s where I see a book and I buy it, and that means I have a whole bunch of books (quadruple digits) that I haven’t read yet. Such was the case of Holly S. Roberts Club El Diablo series. But hey, for me, it’s like getting to discover the joy of a new series all over again.

And joyful it was, so excited I was to read this, that I abandoned my other book, then promptly one-clicked the rest of the books that I was missing, plus another series. (I am soooo bad.) Piercing A Dom’s Heart is the second book in the Club Diablo series.

Brandon Sterling is a Dom who is visiting his friend Damian at Club El Diablo. (You can read all about Damian and his Domme wife, Lydia in Book 1: One Dom at a time.)

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When Bran arrives at the club, Damian is breaking up a misunderstanding between another Dom, and his goth sister, Willow. Bran looks on in amusement until she turns her claws on him. Damian asks Bran to keep an eye, and whatever else he wants, on his sister while he’s in town. But Willow is firmly against BDSM, citing it as abuse. She runs from Bran until he finally catches her. But does he keep her? You need to get the book to find out dear reader, and you will be so happy you did.

The writing here is fantastic! Boy, am I glad I found my own treasure trove, and what’s even better is that there are more books in the series to read. I’ve just become a lifelong fan of Holly S Roberts!

5 Kinky Orgasms



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