Loving His Command!


Angel Payne has done it again! She’s written another blockbuster series with Alpha men, hot sex, suspense, wonderful writing, and did I mention the hot sex? Into His Command is the second book in her new Cimmaron series, the Cimmarons being the royal family on the Island of Arcadia. The first book, Into his Dark, was about Camellia (Cam) and King Evrest. This book is about prince Samsyn (Syn) and Brooke.

Brooke and her family landed on the island six years prior when a serial killer blew up their home targeting them after getting out of prison. Brooke fell for Syn upon meeting him, and has spent the past six years doing everything to prove to him that she’s worthy of him. But, after a night of passion, she realizes he’s just out of her reach. It takes Brooke getting injured in the line of duty for Samsyn’s eyes to be opened about the woman he’s always loved. But a killer is still after her and her family. If you want to know what happens, you really need to pick up a copy of Into his Command.

As always, anything Angel Payne writes is pure gold! I absolutely love her W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series and have read them all more than once, and now we have the Cimmaron series. But wait! There is going to be a spin-off called Temptation Court. (So excited I can hardly contain myself! And the next Cimmaron book will be Into Her Fantasies (Shiraz and Nicasia’s book)

5 Steamy Orgasms!


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