A Must for any Bucket List!


To Do Him List by Denise Marie is the first book in the Lipstick Diaries series and I for one am very happy that it is only the first. This is the debut book by a new author, but to read it, you would never know it. Sometimes a book comes along that puuls at your heartstrings and this book does exactly that.

Isabel (Izzy) Chambers has already had one awful trauma in her life, but then she gets hit with the news that she has a brain tumor. Even though it’s benign, there is still a chance she won’t make it off of the operating table. So, she decides to make a bucket list. And, it’s a bit risque at that.

Cole Davies is the lead singer in The Scandals, he’s been following Izzy’s tweets, and when she doesn’t jump all over him because of who he is, it intrigues him even more. So when she posts her list, asking for help fulfilling it, he jumps at the chance to be the one to help her fill it.

Izzy doesn’t believe him, until he proves it by holding up a sign with her name on it and sending her the photo. She then joins him on tour with the band. Then Cole sets out, with his boys, to help her get her bucket list items ticked off.

This book is filled with laughter, fun, very hot alpha sex, and some tears along the way. I couldn’t put this book down, it was just simply that great. You just have to pick up a copy.and to the author, please continue this series, it’s just THAT incredible!

I give To Do Her List a Shooting Star- The equivalent of a 6 Star Orgasm!



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