A Most Delicious Breakfast!


The very first thing I have to say is thank goodness the warmer weather is here. Why? Because this book is so hot I needed the air conditioning on. The Vampire’s Breakfast is the second release by Kera Faire and I gotta say, keep them coming. Her first release, The Dispatcher:Death Isle was a smash hit. I will venture to say that her readers will love this one just as much.

This is part of Evernights, Romance To Go series, so it is a quick read, but it is long on the heat factor.Rafe is taking Dorissa to a Vampire’s Breakfast. It is a masked ball where at the end of the festivities, at dawn, everyone unmasks to see who the vampires are and who the mortals are.

This novella is set in victorian times, and even though I typically avoid victorian novels, I’ll read anything this author writes. She’s that good! 

There is plenty of kinky sex packed into this book, and the ending is quite the surprise. This is one of those books I’ll be reading over and over again. Great job Kera!

And this beautiful cover was done by artist Jay Aheer, who also did the cover for the Dispatcher. She does some amazing work

5 Hot, Screaming Orgasms


Evernight Publishing

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