Throwback Thursday: Have a Heart!


For this Throwback Thursday, I’m choosing Avery Gale. I was going to go all the way back to the Shadowdance series, but I felt like visiting with the Morgan Brothers this week.

This is the first book in the Morgan Brothers series, and there is a new book just around the corner. I have everything Avery has written, and I love her books. This one is no exception. As usual, our heroine is a petite, curvy thing. I actually asked Avery why her heroines were all petite. she answered…

Honestly….because Im 5’3″ also…and I just can’t relate to being tall…..I see the world from “here”.

Sage Morgan has watched Coral from afar for a year. Coral has a secret, she’s on the run from an ex-boyfriend , who she saw commit a murder. She is being stalked on her phone by text when Sage finally decides to play his hand and claim Coral.

We get to meet the rest of the Morgan clan, and they are Doms as well, so get ready, because they will get their own books as well.

There are a lot of similarities to characters in her other books in the way they talk and act, but she writes such wonderful romatic stories. Go fall in love and buy Coral Hearts.

Four and a half Orgasms



Amazon UK



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