Kidnapped by a Hit!


Kidnapped by a Warrior is the Prequel in the Voyuer Moon series of books by Ravenna Tate, and let me tell you, it starts the series off with a bang! The premise is that Earth has been invaded by the Tyranns, and they have destroyed cities and taken some of it’s citizens.

The hero of our story, Jakara, is a Special Retrieval Commander, sent to retrieve the females left on Earth of the families taken on the first round. But, Jakara doesn’t particularlty like his job, so he decides to keep Callie for himself. The more she learns about herself and what her fate was to be, the more she becomes attatched to Jakara. But they are in constant danger. Can they escape the consequenses? Pick up a copy and find out.

This was a majorly hot read from Ravenna, and not the last in the seried. That’s a great thing. I’m looking forward to see how this battle shapes up. Definitely a keeper!

5 Interstellar Orgasms




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  1. ravennatate says:

    Thank you so much! ❤


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