A Hot Rescue!


Rescuing Their Love is the first book in the Heroes of the Heart series by Rose Nickol. If that name sounds familiar, she’s the author of the Club Fleur series, The Ransom Ranch series, Men in Blue, All the President’s Men, Dakota’s Pride and the newer Ashcroft security, and now this.

Colonel Tobias Shelton is ordered to take rehab classes after being shot. He just wants to get it over with and is keeping his nose to the grindstone. He even turns down a date offer for coffee. But, when the woman making the offer is being attacked in the parking lot later, he ends up getting involved with Julie.

Julie has had a rough life. And it’s been getting a lot rougher lately since her roommate turned to drugs and has been ruining her life ever since. After Tobias helps her after the beating she takes, he takes her back to her car to find it’s been repo’d. Then he takes her home and calls in his teammates, Blake, Dalton and Branch. After talking to her, they quickly realize they are all falling for her and vow to help her.

When her trailer is burned down, she moves into Tobias’s home and the three teammates follow. When it comes time to go on a mission, something goes wrong. Someone gets left behind. And Julie finds herself in trouble. Sound intriguing? Go buy Rescuing their love.

This is a quick, sexy read with lots going on.Rose’s books are always filled with excitement and more man candy than most women could handle. I enjoyed this book very much, as I do all of Rose’s books.

This is a 4 and a half OMG Orgasm book for sure


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