Cuff Me! Please?


Dirty Sexy Cuffed is the third book in the Dirty Sexy Series by the hot writing duo of mega-authors Carly Philips and Erika Wilde. Just when you think these books can’t get any hotter, another one comes along!

Dirty Sexy Cuffed is about the youngest Kincaid brother, Levi. Levi is a cop, and he needs control in all things. Especially the bedroom, where he calls the shots, and he most definitely knows how to use a set of handcuffs.

Sarah is down on her luck and living hand to mouth while trying to stay one step ahead of her ex-boyfriend. She works in a convenience store in a rough part of town to try to save money so she can leave town.

Levi has been flirting with her for weeks, but she’s been rejecting his advances. Then he’s wounded protecting her in a store robbery, so she consents to a date. One date leads to more as both Levi and Sarah begin to open up to one another, but the threat to Sarah looms closer. Will she tell Levi? And wiil he help her once he finds out the truth? You need to get yourself a copy, you really do!

These ladies know how to write an amazing hero, a strong heroine, and a story that will have you up all night unable to put your e-reader down. I was hooked from page one! The sex scenes were incredibly hot and had me reaching for the remote to the air conditioner.

I received an advanced copy for an honest review.

And Dirty Sexy Cuffed gets 5 Dirty Sexy Orgasms from this reviewer



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