Very HotVampire!

Night Sins

Kayla is a Watcher, who protects humans and the Chosen Seven, who are seven gifted women who protect humans from paranormal beings. She is of the same bloodline as the Chosen, and upon the death of one of them, higher powers are unleashed to one of the Watchers making her a Chosen. Welcome to Kayla’s world.


She is sorely tempted by Ethan, a vampire. And a sexy one at that. He is off limits to her as a Watcher, but he is doing his level best to lure and bait her into his world by his seductive cat and mouse game. He is a temptation she can’t afford unless she wants to be sent packing by the Council of Lords.


Ethan owns Night Sins Hotel and Casino and Kayla reluctantly goes to him to discuss the murders of three women she believes are the work of vampires. The Blood Brothers are a group that takes over one city at a time, and whom Ethan is working at trying to stop. So they target his clubs. Kayla knows the only way to stop the Brothers is to team up with Ethan. She at first attempts to strike out on her own, but Ethan catches her in a dangerous situation and rescues her as her need for him, and his for her escalates.


Night Sin was a fun, sexy, and short read. It was fast paced and over much too quickly in my opinion. I devoured this in one sitting and was reminded why I love Lisa’s writing so very much!


This gets a four and a half orgasm rating from mme. The missing half orgasm is for the lower heat rating, but it’s still a scorcher!!



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