A New Re/Lease from Michele Zurlo!


Re/Leased: Doms of the FBI is book number 5 of the series. Our usual suspects make appearances in this book, like Malcolm, Jordan, and Keith, plus their sassy subs. But here we venture to the employees of SAFE Security, which will be the next BDSM series out from Michele in 2017. (Very exciting!)

David Eastridge fulfills his mother’s last wish by answering his estranged father’s call for help, once. Three million dollars has been embezzled from his company and he suspects one of his accountants of doing it. When David sees the picture of Autumn Sullivan, he’s intrigued, and decides to take the job.

Autumn agrees to accompany David to a play party, trouble is, she thinks she’s going as his Domina. Autumn works on occasion as a pro=Domina on top of her job at CalderCo, and…she’s also an accomplished burglar. But she has a very good reason for all of this…her sister.

She accompanies David as his sub, and then after becoming his assistant at the office, they begin a relationship. But with her hesitance to let him in, his investigation of her, a serial killer, and a whole lot of trust issues, will this relationship survive? Buy the book and find out!

As usual, Michele writes a novel with some complex and rich characters. Her sex scenes sizzle off the pages. I loved David, give the guy a medal, because Autumn was probably the most difficult SAM ever! (That’s Smart Assed Masochist my Knotty friends.) I’ll admit, It took me a long time to warm up to Autumn, but towards the end I did. But that’s what Michele does, she writes so beautifully, that you can’t help but just love the world she’s written. I for one, cannot wait for Jessie’s story.

5 Massive Orgasms!



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  1. Thanks for hosting and reviewing! I’m so glad you loved it 🙂


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