My Filthy Desire


As most of all of you Knotty fans know, the majority of erotica is written by women. But once in a while, a really great book comes along by a male author. This is one of them.

Filthy Desire is the first book in a series of four of The Onyx Club, which is an upscale burlesque club run by Matthew (don’t ever call him Matt!) and Brandon. Matthew is the unapologetic love them and leave them type. He has two rules. One: Don’t call him anything but Matthew, and Two: Don’t ask for his phone number.He likes to be in charge and tie up his women, and he calls them baby so he doesn’t have to remember their name.

So, Matthew starts off our story seeming pretty much like an asshole. Then, Ella walks in for a job interview. She has no skills, and she looks homeless. Matthew once again proves he’s an ass by insulting her left and right, but Ella, though scared, calls him Matt and tells him off. While at first he wants her gone, he ends up becoming fascinated by her. And when he finds out she’s homeless, he takes her home.


But soon Matt finds out why Ella is so shy and skittish. She’s been through horrors no woman should have to go through, and this is where we see Matt shine. He becomes Ella’s protector, her Dom, her lover, and her champion, and we see a whole new side of Matthew as he shows Ella what loving a man should look like.

Sebastian Ex does a terrific job telling this story from Matthew’s first person perspective, with a bit of Ella’s thrown in where needed. It’s raw, it’s sexy, it’s dirty, and it’s emotional. Lucky for us, there are three more books in the series.

This book is most definitely a 5 Orgasm Blow Out!


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