Dancing with Happiness!


Avery Gale has done it again! What has she done? Written another hit? Yes…Made me want to send in my application to the hunky West brothers? Yes…or the Lamonts, and hey, the Knights club isn’t shabby either. Of course now we have Mountain Masters, and any sub worth her corset would think they had diedand gone to subbie heaven in any one of these places. But what Avery has really done? Made me smile.

Joelle is trying to hide by pretending to be a drug store clerk, but she’s not fooling anyone, least of all Brandt Morgan,  Brandt is the sheriff of Pine Creek and he’s had his eye on Joelle. When he finally catches up to her at his favorite kink club, he gets to teach her that there is a price for breaking the rules.

Cousin Ryan, a doctor and SEAL shows, and she finally has to spill the beans about why she’s on the run. Her life is in danger, and her discovery could be a game changer. But someone wants her shut down. Between Ryan, Brandt, and a bunch of old friends from the Praire Winds family, including the pint sized dynamo Tobi, help protect Joelle. But is it enough? You need to grab a copy.

As always, Avery’s book is full of commanding Dom’s, smart, sassy, women who love their men, and plenty of adventure and laughter to go around. If you want to read a book with plenty of hot kinky sex, great storylines and larger than life characters, Avery Gale is a winner every time!

5 Holy Crapamoly Orgasms!



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For The Girls….

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  1. averygale says:

    Thanks soooo much! I’m thrilled you loved it! It’s soooo fun to write about the characters I love!


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