Rhymes With Hit!


Book number 35. Wow! But you know what they say. if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. And I say never fix it. Keep right on going. Rhymes With Orange is Book 35 in the Suncoast Society series by Tymber Dalton, and they just keep getting better, so why stop?

Coop, or Ned Cooper, is the straight Master to gay Hunter, who has a boyfriend, Todd, mostly vanilla guy. Are you with me so far? Coop masters Hunter because he has severe anxiety issues, and aside from mind-numbing meds, BDSM calms him. But Coop has a girlfriend who is not so understanding of the situation. In a stand-off that had me cheering, Ned realizes it’s time to kick her to the curb one she starts issuing some rather harsh ultimatums.

Dani, or Danielle, has just moved back to Florida after a career ending accident leaves her in severe pain and worsens her OCD and anxiety. She also had a boyfriend/Dom who failed her when she needed him most. She wasn’t planning on looking for a new Dom, but she meets Coop at a brunch her best friend takes her to, and then again at a dinner she sets up,

Dani and Coop get along great, even with their shared love of Deadpool, but first she has to pass the Hunter approval. And that may be the hardest hurdle to pass of all. But when a situation arises with Hunter’s family, can Dani prove once and for all that she belongs to their tight group?  When Dani’s health declines, it’s Hunter who sticks by her side.

Video by Trish Bowers of Sunshine Reads

As always, this was an incredible read by Tymber. It feels, not like reading a story, but like being invited to participate, to take a peek into the lives of a community. It’s a community I would love to be a part of, I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want Tilly as a friend?

This book definitely gets 5 Orgasms from this reviewer. You just have to pick up a copy.



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