Constructed Pleasure


Constructed Pleasure is the fourth book in the Chasers series by Indy author Tanya Sands. These books focus on plus size women and the men who love them.

In this installment, we have Gerald ‘Pac’ Sutton, so named Pac because of his pack rat like ways. He is a widower with a 15 year old son. He owns his own construction company and his usual dating MO is a date or two with a woman and that’s it. Until he meets Syun Alvarez.

Syun owns her own landscaping business, that she took over. She meets Pac at a friend’s shelter when he brings in a badly injured dog. They hit it off and end up dating, but a family member may end up crashing it all down.

Constructing Pleasure is a fun, romantic read by Tanya and well worth checking out. Pac’s son is a blast to read as he pushes his dad into the dating world.

4 simmering Orgasms




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