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New Release! His To Punish


You know how when one of your favorite authors puts out a book, you wait impatiently for it to become available in those wee hours of the morning? Then, armed with coffee and maybe pervertables to keep your eyelids open, you dive into the book and forgo that precious commodity known as sleep? Yup, His To Punish is definitely that book. (And this is the second time this week, so thanks Kera Faire and Doris, my coffee maker loves you.)

His to Punish is the second book in the Cleaners series. The Cleaners are a group of men who work for mob boss Owen Huntly, cleaning up the scum of London. Their biggest beef is with The Priestley gang, a horrid bunch of slime who, amongst other things, are involved in human trafficking. Our last book was about Owen’s right hand man, Ren, and his girl Susie. (A 5 Orgasm read)


His To Punish is about the second in command, Ty Mason. Fans (This reviewer included) have been eagerly awaiting Ty’s book since the release of His Prize. Jeanette MacArthur is a dance teacher who just happens to be the sister of Myrtle, the prostitute who stole from and betrayed Huntly in His Prize, and was killed by Ren. Jeanette applies for a job at La Masquerade so she can exact revenge on Ren. She was also shown pictures by our infamous detective, Wonsan. (Heck, I was rooting for cement booties for the guy.)

Ty suspects something is up with her, and a trip to her apartment that results in injury for him, puts all of the Cleaners on edge. Jeanette gets herself a trip to the cellar. Tempers flare. Sparks ignite. Bottoms get spanked! And Doris writes another one and hits it out of the park, or for you European fans, scores a goal! And the Amazing cover was done by incredible artist Jay Aheer!

I frequently listen to music while reading, definitely while writing. I was reading a part in the book that went a little something like this….

Ty: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure the boys know that you’re mine.”

Jeanette: “I’m not yours.”

At that time, this song came on my phone…

I kind of love it when stuff like this happens. And I definitely LOVE this book. It’s a 5 Orgasm read all the way!


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