Throwback Thursday: Nexus


For this Throwback Thursday, I’m reviewing the first book in the Nexus series by Lainie Suzanne, aptly titled, Nexus. If you sign up for Lainie’s newsletter, you can get novella 0.5 titled:Fate   Click Here: Lainie Suzanne Newsletter

Katherine is a divorced, mother of two college aged sons. Her sex life has become only as exciting as her favorite novels, Cherise Sinclair’s Master Xavier being one of her favorites. Her birthday comes around, and friend Debra decides to take her out clubbing in celebration. She slowly figures out that it’s a BDSM club that her friend wants to take her to and wants to back out, but persistance wins.

The women go to Nexus, a private club located in a mansion, and Katherine meets an ‘Adonis’, who she tries to avoid after being caught staring. But when she has a turn at a flogging demonstration she didn’t sign up for, she gets to meet her adonis. club owner Master Issac up close and in person.

Weeks later, they run into each other again when Katherine needs a part-time job. Issac finds that although he swore to never take another sub, he wants Katherine. So he offers to train her. No emotions, no-strings.

But of course, emotions, strings, crazy ex’s, crazier co-workers, and a stalker, all make for a great read. And it looks as if Deb and Patrick have eyes for each other, and let’s not forget about Derek.



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