Caged Songbird Sings!


Avery Gale has done it once again! Actually, she’s done a few things…she’s written another incredible book in The Morgan Brothers series, she’s managed to keep me up all night so I can finish the book, and most of all, she’s put a big smile on my face, even when it’s not always so easy to do so. But I digress, let’s meet the newest Morgan brother and his lady, Josephine Alta.


We met Josie in Coral’s book, Coral Hearts. And again in Dancing with Deception. She’s the famous pop singer best friend of Coral, and it seems she has caught the eye of one Colt Morgan, ex-rodeo champ, financial planner, and sexual Dominant. When we begin our book, Josie has just snuck out of Colt’s bed, and he’s not very happy about it. His search comes up empty, but four and a half months later he hears a song on the radio and knows it was written about them.

He then notices something is amiss in the apartment over the hardware store. When he goes to investigate, he finds Josie, and she’s exhausted, has lost weight, and distraught. Someone is stalking her. Colt takes her back to the ranch, and under his protection, determined to never let her go.

Once again, the whole cast and crew of the Morgan family is here, along with the Ledek brothers, (now there’s a book!) and some guests from the Prairie Winds club. Everyone pitches in to help Josie, some even help her find her strength personally. I absolutely adored this book, it was a fun, sexy read full of Alpha men, strong funny women, and a storyline to keep me from putting the book down.

I’m most definitely looking forward to Phoenix, Mitch, and Athena’s book.


A 5 Orgasm read!


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  1. averygale says:

    Thanks so much….I’m thrilled you liked the book! I’m working hard on the next book in this series! 🙂


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