The Other Brother


Warning: This is a dark romance and as such it contains scenes of a sensitive nature that some readers may find discomforting.

The Other Brother is the third book in the Snow and Ash Series. It takes place four years after the volcano erupted and in volcanic winter. This is the story of Bianca Mason and Kent Barry. Bianca is given to Kent to marry after his brother Nico refuses to marry her. It is a marriage for political gain for an alliance between the Kent and Barrys. Bianca was gang raped when she was 15, just after the volcano erupted. When she told Nico this, it was too much for him to handle, so he took off. Kent, agrees to the union, though he has his own demons because half of his face is scarred from burns.

They marry and Kent decides to slowly earn Bianca’s trust and guide her into sex by showing her what it can be like between two consenting, loving adults. And things go wonderful…for awile.

I won’t get into the rest of the book because it will ruin the surprise, but things drastically change for the couple and scenes as I mentioned, may be difficult for some readers to deal with. I know I shed a few tears at what Bianca had to endure through this book, and I certainly changed my mind a few times as to my feelings about Kent. Loved him, hated him, loved him again. And isn’t that the sign of an excellent read? Great job Heather Knight, I’m looking forward to this series continuing.

I received an ARC for an honest review of this book!

5 dark and twisty orgasms!



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