My Favorites Monday: Auctioned to the Gentle Dom


As you all know, I started a little feature called Super Fan Friday. Well…I had some wiggle room in my schedule this week-end, and who better to fit in, then one of my all time favorites, Doris O’Connor. This series is how I was introduced to her work and I immediatly fell in love. When it comes to BDSM, she knows what she’s talking about, and her Doms are to die for.


Inspiration for Master Logan

Logan decides to go to Spectrum on what would have been his deceased wife’s birthday and catches the auction. What or whom he sees up there comes as a complete shock. Lyndsay. Or better known to him as Lady Honoraria Callan-Brennan. She’s petrified to be up there, and worse yet, she’s just about left her limits list blank. When a well-known sadist bids on her, Logan does the only thing he can, he bids an exorbitant amount on her and wins.

He drags her back to a private room, and instead of claiming her as she really wants, he has her remove her disguise. This reveals what she’s been hiding from the world. Why is she at the club under an assumed identity? Before he has a chance to find out, an emergency with one of the Callan-Brennan horses drags them both to her home, and he finds out information that shocks him. Can Logan save Lindsay from her fate? And will he ever get over losing his wife and find love with a woman 19 years his junior. Grab a copy of Auctioned to the Gentle Dom. You don’t want to miss a single page!

Logan is one of my absolute favorites of this whole series so far. Doris has a way with writing these books that just makes you want to go and sign yourself up for a membership and be a part of the Spectrum family. Just truly spectacular writing.

5 hawt, kinky Orgasms!



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