Dark, Delicious, Salvatore.



Salvatore by Natasha Knight is so hot that you are going to need oven mitts on to handle your reader. Ms Knight proves why she’s a USA today bestselling author with this book, because my, my, my, Salvatore is amazing!

I was hooked right from the beginning when poor Lucia had to sign herself over to Salvatore. Neither of them had a choice in a capitulation of one mafia family to another, and you just know that Salvatore’s father is going to be trouble.

We then pick up the story five years later when a tragedy brings Lucia home from school and finally into Salvatore’s ownership. As she is stuck having to abide by the contract, she goes with Salvatore, but Lucia doesn’t just give in to his dominant ways. And let me tell you, it makes for some of the steamiest sex scenes ever to grace my Kindle in quite some time.

From the domineering head of the Benedetti family, Franco, to the creepy as heck younger brother Dominic, Salvatore proves he’s actually Lucia’s protector. I can’t say enough about this book, you’ll just have to pick yourself up a copy. It’s worth it!

5 Steamy Orgasms



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