Fresh Meat


Who wants some fresh meat? I guarentee you will, and his name is Rex. The title has a couple of meanings. And I’ll get to that.

Rebecca has just come from her aunt’s funeral and is still in mourning. She’s in the airport when she bumps into tall, dark, and delicious Rex. They are both headed for the same flight, but it ends up getting canceled. After having dinner, they end up making magic where Rebecca finds out just what he’s made of south of the border.

When they get back home, she finds out that he’s the new head chef at the restauraunt that she manages. In the week she’s been off, he’s already made major changes that have earned him the title T-Rex. They end up butting heads. Can he get her back? Will his secrets push her away for good, or can they overcome it all to find happiness?

4 Orgasm Read!



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