He’s a Hero


Sam is a handyman who pretty much keeps to himself. He prefers his women loose, and without entanglements. He’s not so nice to be around. He’s also the landlord to Courtney and her 5 year old son who live next to him in the duplex his grandparents left him.

Sam wants Courtney, but knows he’s no good for her, so she’s hands off. Courtney works hard to support her son and pay the bills. One night, Sam catches Courtney at one of her jobs unbeknownst to her. When she comes home injured, Sam steps up to help.

Sam and Courtney have a rocky relationship in this book, but when her whole world is rocked by her past, will Sam step up to the challenge? Grab yourself a copy and check it out!

This was a sweet and sexy read, and 5 year old Ben made me smile a few times as well. Not this reviewers usual faire, but thoroughly enjoyable.

A 4 orgasm read!




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