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It’s hard to believe that this is the fourth book in the Wild Mountain Shifters series already! The Missing continues the saga of the shifter community of Pleasant Cove.

Mandy has been taken captive by a rogue shifter named Caleb, and when his painful experiments didn’t quite work on her, he painfully ripped the memories from her. Mandy is a human, but she’s grown up amongst the shifters her entire life.

Her soon to be mate is a black leopard shifter and a paramedic. Aaron has been frantic with Mandy being captive and with everything going on he’s worried for her life. Strange things are afoot in Pleasant Cove, and Michael and the others in the shifter community need to get it under control before humans start sniffing around.

This was a wonderful book! Totally mesmerizing as Sara draws us into the world of her shifter community. I absolutely love this series, and Sara Anderson is a master storyteller, whether it’s shifters or aliens.

5 Super Hot Orgasms!



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