Make a Claim!


Claim by Sierra Cartwright is the second book in the Bonds series. It’s about successful businessman and gossip mag flavor of the minute bachelor Kennedy Aldrich. Kennedy is perfectly happy with his single status and avoiding any romantic entanglement that will lead him to the altar, much to his parents dismay. He’s also a commanding, sexy, Dom.

Mackenzie Farrell is single and happy to be that way after a disastrous marriage. She heads to the Den, a Boston BDSM club one night, and runs into Kennedy. He rescued her from an awkward situation a couple of years prior with her then soon to be ex. Now, Kennedy want her. After a night of play where Kennedy calls all of the shots, he wants more, despite Zee’s protestations otherwise.

Kennedy wants a relationship with Mackenzie, but she’s determined to stay single. Will Kennedy succeed? Pick up Claim and find out!

Sierra writes some of the most enigmatic, sexy Doms ever to grace the pages of a book, and Kennedy is drool-worthy! Mackenzie is a worthy adversary for him as she fights to keep her shields in place against him. This is a hot, sexy read, that any Cartwright fan will read again and again!

5 Steaming Hot Orgasms!



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