Off Key is the Right Note!


Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Off Key by CJ Martin has it all. This Wreckless Abandon’s first novel begins with our lead singer doing an entire baggie of cocaine just before a show. As predicted, he overdoses.

We pick up 6 months later, and our intrepid singer has put himself through rehab and even has a sponsor, which makes life easier for Wrecked  Abandon, and Brandon. Brynna is a dancer, and as it happens, a huge fan of said group. When her friend,  Alysia offers her a chance to go see the band she’s excited, then finds out she needs to go at Alysia’s side because Li’s brother just happens to be their drummer.

When Brynna and Brandon meet, it’s electric, but then she has to continue her act. As things clear the air, Brandon finds ways to get between and they end up seeing each other often as friends become lovers. This is a great first book to a series and does a wonderful job dealing with a very real problem.


4 Orgasms



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