Ruthless is Brilliant!


I received this book from InkSlingerPR through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Just when I didn’t think I could love Lexi Blake any more, she introduces the Lawless clan. There’s Drew, Riley, Bran, and Mia. Mia we got to meet in Case Taggart’s book in what is one of my all-time favorite series, Masters and Mercenaries. Mia is a reporter who managed to help Case find his presumed dead brother and bring him back home. Now, we get an all new series about the Lawless brothers, and of course, the Taggart/MacKay bunch make their appearances.

Book one, Ruthless, is about Riley Lang, the middle brother. The brothers were separated 20 years ago when their parents were murdered by 3 people, along with their sister. Now, they are all grown up, and with brilliant brother Drew’s billions behind them, they are off to seek revenge on the perpetrators.

This time, the snake they are after is Stephen Castalano, and the daughter to Philip Stratton. Unfortunately, Ellie Stratton is about to become a pawn in their game of revenge since her father is no longer around for them to do it to. But as Riley gets to know Ellie, he knows he’s losing his heart to her and that the revenge game isn’t quite as important as Ellie is. But Castalano makes a stunning move aided by the Lawless’s game of revenge and the cards come crashing down. You’ll have to buy this book and see it for yourself!

At times I truly wanted to kill the Lawless brothers for what they were doing to Ellie, I got downright angry. It just goes to show you what a masterful storyteller Lexi is that she can evoke such emotion from her readers. This series is off to a truly amazing start, and I for one am excited to be along for the journey!

5 Mega Orgasms



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