Lesson Well Learned!


Imagine a place where you could go and be trained to be the best submissive you can be at the 019cc4d63884a8afef6ed3740b632371ea44be03d2submissive Training Acadamy. 25 years strong and still going.

This is where 22 year old Brie Bennett finds herself after a visit from Master Thane Davis at her job in a tobacco shop, where she wonders where her life if going. The aspiring filmmaker is stuck at a crossroads when he stops in with his sub du jour to buy a ridiculously expensive pack of cigarettes. He leaves her a business card that says “The
Submissive Training Center 25 Years Of Excellence.”


Brie begins classes after some indecision on her part, and learns a few things about herself, mainly that she has a thing for Master Thane Davis. One of her fellow subs is difficult to get along with, “Blondie.” and she finds a friend in her other fellow sub, “Lea” But it’s the other trainers she has to worry about. While Thane and Marquis Grey are on her side, Master Coen and Ms. Clark, especially Ms. Clark, want her gone.

This was a truly satisfying, hot, sexy read. For those of you with the full size edition of Brie, this is a new, added on, bite sized way to enjoy Brie. I’m eagerly excited about reading the rest of this series, I absolutely Love It!!!

5 Subbie Orgasms



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  1. Red Phoenix says:

    I love your website knotty girl!

    Thank you so much for the sweet review of Teach Me! This is the first of a 9-part remastered version of the Brie series in anticipation of her new release – Enchant Me coming out October 3rd.

    New readers, old fans, and libraries alike are enjoying the look and size of the remastered version. It makes reading Brie’s journey new again.

    Can’t wait for you to read about their honeymoon. Squee! 🙂

    Hugs, ~Red


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