Rescuing Emily


Ah, those Delta Force Heroes, big, strong, and oh so deliciously alpha. Cormac ‘Fletch’ Fletcher was no exception to that rule. Tall, built, and tattooed, he was part of the hush hush Delta team. And now he found himself with two civilian charges to watch over, his tenants Emily and her 6 year old daughter Annie.

They didn’t have much, but Annie was well cared for and well loved. Fletch was finding himself more and more attracted to his tenant everyday, and completely enchanted with her brilliant daughter.But Emily has a visitor while Fletch is away on a mission, and he turns their world upside down, including her feelings toward Fletch. There are lots of misunderstandings in the way to resolving the situation. It takes a scare to bring the problem to light. Buy yourself a copy! You won’t be sorry you did!

I love everything Susan Stoker does, and this book is certainly no exception. Her writing is simply superb, her characters grab you and don’t let go. Annie has a speech toward the end of this book that is priceless and you definitely don’t want to miss it!

5 Heart Melting Orgasms



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