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The Nexus Diaries


Soleil is the second book in the Nexus Series by Lainie Suzanne. I previously reviewed book one and absolutely loved the story of Katherine and club owner Issac. Now we move on to Kathy’s friend, Debra. She’s divorced, rid of a man who cheated on her But she decides to get back on the horse and signs up for a dating site. It has disastrous results. But one day at work she runs into Master Derek.

Master Derek
My idea of Master Derek

He asks her to be his partner for demonstrations in his Shibari class. She gets quite the tour of Nexus with Derek, with some extras neither one had been expecting. But…she also has her eye on Master Patrick

My idea of Master Patrick

One night, after a particularly awful run-in with her ex, she has a surprise waiting for her…Patrick. It seems two Doms really are better than one! Want to know more? Grab a copy of Soleil!

I loved getting to go back to club Nexus and I give Soleil 5 panty dropping Orgasms




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