Down and Dirty (Sons of Sinners MC)

, and his VP, downdirty

First and Foremost, let me apologize to Ms Reed for taking so long to getting around to reading this. As a blogger, my schedule is pretty crazy, usually 2 books a day. (Yes, I read that fast.) But Here we are. The first book in the Sons and Sinners MC series. Down and Dirty is the story of The MC’s president, Stone, and his VP, Jace.

I’ll admit, at the beginning of this I had to wonder what kind of woman wouldn’t go running off into the night and screaming. These guys seemed rather scary and not suitable for women, dogs, and small barnyard animals. Then, enter the sister of one of the members Marx, Zoey Allen has spent her last dime since leaving foster care searching for her brother Brian, aka, Marx. She finds him in the Sons of Sinners compound. As she walks through the compound, watching various sexual acts going on around her, she’s confronted by Stone and Jace. The attraction is mutual.

Though Zoey is a virtual innocent, she doesn’t stay that way long with the two owners obsessed with her. This was a really good read, though I was waiting for some action and suspense to happen, but, there was a lot of down and dirty D/s sex to be had. And it looks like Bear and Sax may be the next book in line, I’ll be looking forward to it!

4 Double Teaming Orgasms


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