Love Me (Brie’s Submission #2)


It’s back to school for our favorite submissive in this second installment of Brie’s Submission. I can’t tell you how many BDSM books I’ve read, I honestly can’t. At the very least it’s in the triple digits, but more like quadruple. My point being that of all of the kinky books I’ve read, this is probably one of my absolute most favorite series out there.

Red Pheonix does such a wonderful job of making the reader feel as if they are a part of Brie’s world. I’m pretty darn sure that if the Submissive Training Academy were real, the applications would be astronomical. (Hopefully I’d get a little leeway as a #Superfan *BloggerExtrodinaire #BrieBuddy Heh heh, all joking aside, I’d want in.

Though I dare say I might get in a wee bit of trouble, especially with Ms. Clark. There are a couple of practicums on objectification and then pony play. Yeah, I’d be yelling red and run for my life. (I might be able to deal with the pony play depending on Dom.)

Brie gets to have some truly wonderful experiences, especially with Tono.(Sigh…Tono) And I especially enjoy almost all of her practically all of the auction experiences, they are usually my favorite part. But you need to judge for yourself! I give this installment 5 Orgasms!!!



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  1. Red Phoenix says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you love The Submissive Training Center! It’s fun to get to experience all the different activities Brie discovers there – so much more than whips and chains. ~Red Phoenix


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