Book 2 in the Nirvana Serial

Fate gives Hannah Brinkley a second chance with her one-time infatuation until the secret she harbors threatens to tear it all apart.

Fleeing the arms of one dynamic corporate tycoon, Hannah Brinkley crosses the Atlantic into the arms of another, who is equally as dangerous to her heart as Thaddeus Remington. Unlike the man she left behind in Atlanta, Hannah shares history with Finley Wetherall and those old feelings for him return once again.

Successful, powerful and hung up on the girl that got away, Finley is determined to fight for Hannah’s heart and do whatever is necessary to keep her. Years before, he was hesitant to make his move for fear that she couldn’t handle his dark desires, but when she turns up on his doorstep, it has to be Fate. He will allow nothing and no one to stand between Hannah and their destiny.

He soon finds out that he isn’t the only one harboring secrets. Will Finley be able to break down the walls Hannah has built around herself, or will she instead allow the ghosts of her past to destroy what they’re currently building?


Oh, Hannah…I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in our Hannah at the end of our last book. (Not going to tell you no matter how hard you pull my hair and spank me) But alas…It is a new chapter in her life on a new side of the pond. Now, she’s living with her old BFF Finley Wetherall. (You know The Wetherall that her old flame is a heated rival with?) 

The pair live as roommates until one day Fin comes home early to find Hannah naked in the hot tub. Then, as they say, all bets are off. Soon, Hannah discovers quite by accident, (and by accident, I mean snooping) that Finley is a Dominant. The rest is lots of kinky, hot, fun burning up the pages. 

When Hannah finally gets a job, it puts her face to face with an old companion. Just what will she do? 

Again, I really liked this book. The scenes were hot, and well-written. I’m still just disappointed in Hannah and her actions thus far. Maybe some redemption is coming in book three?

4 Kinky Orgasms


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