Two Doms For Angel


The Club El Diablo series by Holly S Roberts is chock full of sexy doms and dommes in some truly terrific storylines. Two Doms For Angel is the fifth book in the series. Do you have a counting problem Knotty Girl? You ask. No, I don’t. This is technically an offshoot of the series so it’s a mini-series of its own.

Zach is a SWAT team leader called to investigate and clear a human trafficking case in a home. He walks down into the hidden access basement to a horror show. And that’s when he meets Hooriya. Despite being dirty, weak, and injured from her captivity, she manages to catch the heart of Zach. He never forgets her.

We also meet a friend of his, Nate. Nate is some kind of assassin/super spy for the government who saved Zach a long time ago. He also taught him how to be a Dominant. Nate’s also an artist who specializes in photographing models he ties in shibari.. He had this to teach Nate…

“Shibari originated in Japan,” Monroe began. “In Japanese, ‘shibari’ simply means ‘to tie’ or ‘to bind.’ It actually grew out of something called Hojo-jutsu, the martial art of restraining captives, from around 1400 to 1700. Samurai used Hojo-jutsu as a form of torture and imprisonment. These ancient warriors used different techniques to bind their prisoners, to show the honor and status of their Captives.”

Two years after the raid, Nate has called Zach to come stay with him for a while. Zach has injured himself and is off the force temporarily, so he goes. Nate has a surprise, a slave named Angel, and he wants Zach to have her and watch her while he’s gone for a few weeks. And Zach can do what he wants with her. And after removing the blindfold on her at the club the next night after a mind-blowing performance on a spiderweb. He finds out just why.

You’ll need to get yourself a copy of this incredible read from Holly and find out what happens for yourself. Of course, this is only the beginning, the story continues in Caught by Two Doms.

I give this book 5 Multi Orgasms


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